Double sawblade hogger with fixed segments on different diameters

Suitable for working on honeycomb as well as on delicate edged panels. In particular when working on honeycomb, it guarantees a complete chipping of the wood material, avoiding problems with suction system.

Compact hogger with less scratching

Specifically designed for having a smoother cut on the middle of the panels.

Circular sawblade "Slide System"

Even on imperfect machines and thanks to the incorporated guide, the sawblade is constant and precise when cutting very delicate coated panels. It is aimed for very exigent customers.

Circular sawblade "Turbo/Twin System"

Ideal for all that kind of works with chipflowing problems. Furthermore, thanks to less engine power consumption there is a much higher energy saving than traditional systems together with longer performance.

Router bit "Special 2"

Comparing the "Special 2" router bit with traditional economic Z.1+1 router bits, you have a considerable increase in cutting quality and lifetime, just spending a bit more.

Finishing heads with different shear angles

With this tool you take the best advantage of every adjustment compared with standard heads.

Tools with special non-conventional steels

To be used in presence of difficult and critical jobs, as for example when high stability of the body, great resistance to wearing and to high temperature is necessary.

Preforming panel raising cutter

Peculiar tips' positioning for specific overlapping of the tips, avoiding lines or markings on the laminate.

Multifunction scribing cutter for preforming (new jointings)

With this tool you can make all radius profiles between 2,5 and 4 mm., eliminating the use of radius cutters.

Circular sawblade for monosawblade machine

Thanks to a special geometry and to a particular saw body giving absolute precision, splinterings are eliminated.