Utensil Tre is not only as tools producer, but as a partner for quality and successful productiveness. Some of Utensil Tre' innovative ideas have become patents so representing true and real examples of originality and novelty.

Thirty years from its creation, continuous innovation has made Utensil Tre one of the Italian’s leading players in the manufacture of diamond tools for woodworking industry. Utensil Tre is specialized in diamond tool manufacturing and diamond tool grinding

Our technologically important industrial patents achieved thanks to years of design research and developing high technological procedures, have brought our company ranking among the best diamond tools producers in the world.

PCD Tools

One of the most revolutionary PCD tools was "Crown System", that at the end of 80es completely changed the working method of melamine panels on squareedgebanding machines at high feed rates (65 mt/min. at that time, but today it may work faster than 100 mt/min.).
In order to "safeguard" the PCD tips from splinterings and wearings due to critical working conditions, Utensil Tre introduced a new protection system for the cutting edges of the tool, using specific materials extremely resistant and able to absorb vibrations and hurts so dangerous for the cutting edges.

Diamond tool manufacturing and diamond tool grinding

Utensil Tre opted for tailored diamond tools manufacturing to satisfy each different customer need and to respond fully to all work requirements.
Besides the diamond tools manufacturing, Utensil Tre works on diamond tools grinding: we make a complete check up which restore the used and worn piece at its original geometry. Thanks to the information we have in our database the tools always follow the same way, the same "iter" according to which it has been produced: the deep and accurate check up of the saw body, the precise control of the planarity runout, the return to the initial conditions.

tools for flooringTools for flooring

Utensil Tre is able to desing and supply high performance tools for flooring, requested when in front high tech machineries with highes possible feed rates.
You can use this kind of tools on laminate and wood flooring machines, for the complete range of feed speed depending on the type of job, to make every production step (groove and tongue profiles). We reccomend you to ask for a visit from our technical staff checking your machineries and evaluating the most suitable tools for your machineries and for you type of job.


diamond tools