Utensil Tre is not only a tools producer, but also a partner of quality and success.
For 30 years Utensil Tre has been making available for the market and for its customers in particular singular inventions and brilliant innovations in the field of square edge and panel sizing. Some of these innovative ideas has become patents so representing true and real examples of originality and novelty.
Cornerstone of these news is undoubtedly the self-fitting patented drum (1989) which was born for the radial and axial adjustment of tools used on squaringedgebanding machines; this toolholder, first type in the world, set the pace making a complete revolution in the squaringedgebanding application. In fact this item fully solved the problems arising from the tolerance existing between spindle and bore, dramatically improving finishings on the panels and performance of the tools. Utensil Tre' tools have extreme flexibility in the square edge processing.
Another innovation is Twin System/Turbo, a sawblade produced with special and high-resistant steelssuitable both for sizing panels. Its peculiar geometry permits using a high number of teeth and improving the general performance of the tool as well as the working feed rate.